To start posting your advertising content in Facebook groups:

  1. Contact our consultants and share the topics of the posts you want to publish. Topics should not be prohibited on Facebook (tobacco, financial services, drugs, etc.). You can easily find a list of topics prohibited on Facebook on the Internet.  We do not work with such topics.
  2.  Send our experts lists of groups (we can help you compile it), where you would like to place your advertising.
  3.  Send our experts content for posting in these groups (we can help you create it).
  4.  Make a prepayment after finalizing details.
  5.  If your groups are not in our database, wait for our accounts to join them (1-5 days).
  6.  Our system begins publishing your advertising posts.
  7.  Receive daily reports and engage with new clients from Facebook groups.

Feel the ease of promoting your business with our service!