You can choose groups yourself or entrust it to our experts at the cost given in the Prices section. Criteria for group selection include group size, relevance to your topic, activity, adherence to group rules, and user posting permissions.
Groups with at least 500 users, matching your topic precisely, being active, and allowing user posts are ideal.


Group selection criteria

Groups in which our automatic posting service will place your advertising messages must meet the following criteria:

  • The group must have at least 500 users.
    Advertising in groups with fewer users is generally ineffective.
    It is better to select groups ranging in size from several thousand to tens of thousands of users.


  •  The topic of the group must match the topic of your advertising posts exactly.
    We do not spam as a matter of principle and do not allow our users to use our service to post irrelevant messages.
  •  The group must be active.
    It should contain recent messages and show user activity (likes, comments).
    Be sure to pay attention to the date of the last messages posted in the group.
    If the last posts published are very old, then it makes no sense to advertise in such groups.
    Also, you need to check how many messages are posted in the group per month.


  •  Read the group rules carefully.
    There are Facebook groups where administrators are strictly against commercial advertising, which is directly stated in the rules.
    If your advertising posts may violate the rules of a group, then you cannot post in such group.


  •  Check whether users are allowed to post in the group. There are groups where only administrators can post messages.
    There is no point in adding this kind of groups to your list of groups for advertising.

Where to Find Groups for Posting ?

  • Search Facebook.
    Enter keywords related to your topic into the Facebook search bar.
    For example, if you are a recruitment agency and you are selecting a list of groups where people are looking for work in New York, you can use key phrases in the search:
    "job in new york",
    "New York Jobs"
    Jobs in NYC
    and so on.
    You will get a list of groups that Facebook considers relevant to your search queries in the search results.
    But searching through Facebook groups also has its drawbacks. The results contain duplicates, “dead” groups, and small groups.
    Most relevant groups may not be there. Also, search results may vary depending on which country’s IP you are using on your computer.
    In addition to searching, while checking groups out, pay attention to groups recommended by Facebook on the side.
    There may be good options there.
    Carefully analyze the content of a group according to the criteria described above.
    Be sure to read the group rules.


  •  Search engines.
    Use search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. 
    You can use the same search queries, just add the phrase "facebook groups" to it so that the search engine outputs precisely groups.
    The search results may include not only the groups themselves, but also sites with lists of such groups.