Create engaging content with attention-grabbing text and noticeable, relevant images. Ensure the content adheres to technical requirements, including file formats and size.
You can create the content of advertising messages yourself, or entrust it to our experts at the cost given in the Prices section.
If you choose the first option, then please carefully read the following recommendations.


Content of an advertising post

The content of your advertising message can greatly affect the results of your posting.
As sociological studies show, users spend no more than 2 seconds viewing each post while viewing a feed on their wall or in a group.
During this time, they decide whether the post is of interest to them or not.
If they find the post interesting, they will react to it (they will call or send a text through a messenger indicated in the advertisement, or go to the URL of your website).
If your post fails to interest them in 2 seconds, they will continue viewing other posts.


Post text

Good text is attention-grabbing, concise, and engaging.  It should be easy to read, understandable and catchy.  At the same time, it is very important that the information in it would interest the reader.

The main components of a good advertising post:

  •  Attention. “Hook” the potential client so that he keeps looking, stops for a moment. That is, we attract the attention of a potential buyer.
  •  Interest. It is very important not only to interest a customer initially, but also to hold his interest for as long as possible. Demonstrate the benefits of a product or service.
  •  Desire. Convince your potential client that by making a purchase or ordering a service, he will achieve his goal.
  •  Action. Nudge a potential client to make a purchase, offer to call you, get more information via messenger, go to the website, etc.


Post picture

The picture may simply attract attention or contain some information in the form of a text.
In any case, it should be noticeable, relevant to the advertising post, not violate the rules of the social network, and reinforce the main idea and message of the advertising post.

Basic rules for creating a high-quality picture:

  •  The image is understandable and familiar to the target audience.
  •  The picture is clear, contrasted, and color balanced.
  •  It contains an offer and a call to action.
  •  It employs your own or rare stock image.
  •  If there is a text on the picture, it should be clearly readable and cover no more than 50% of the image area.

Example picture:



Technical requirements for content

The content of each post must contain two files: an image and a text.

Picture parameters:
- Resolution no more than 1200 pixels on the larger side, 96 DPI.
- .JPG format.
- Size no more than 200 KB
- The file name can be any set of English letters without spaces.

Text options:
- It can be in any language.
- Text encoding is UTF-8.
- The text file must be in .TXT format.
- The file name can be any set of English letters without spaces.
- The text should not contain emoji.

Example text:


In what form should you send us the content:
- Create a folder on your computer for each post option.
- The folder name can be any set of English letters without spaces.
- Put a text file and an image file in each post folder.
- Archive it and send us the archived file.

Example folders: