We offer an automatic posting service in any Facebook group.
Simply provide us with a list of groups where you want to post your ads and the corresponding content.  Message content can be different for each group list.

We can help you select groups on your topic according to your request, as well as help you create content.
Our service posts your advertising messages daily, providing detailed reports on post statuses. We can post up to 20,000 messages per day, with the flexibility to increase capacity if needed.  We submit this data to our system and initiate posting.

Our service posts your advertising messages daily in groups from the lists you provide.  Every day you will receive a detailed report for the previous day about which messages and in which groups were posted using our service by email. The report contains number of posts that are pending for approval, were immediately published, or were deleted at the time of posting.  Also, two files will be attached to the email.  One with URLs of posts pending for approval by the group administrator, the second with URLs of posts published immediately.

You can always monitor the performance of our posting by opening these URLs in your browser and checking whether your messages are posted in the appropriate groups.  At the moment, our service can post up to 20,000 messages per day.

If necessary, we can increase the capacity and post more messages. For inquiries, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section on our website or reach out to our consultants.  And our consultants will be happy to answer them via contacts posted on the website.