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Facebook Groups
to Grow Your Business and Engage Customers.

When used correctly, Facebook groups can be a great way to build brand awareness and loyalty.
We can help you grow your business using Facebook groups.

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Why Should We Use
Facebook Groups
For Business?

Facebook Groups are a powerful marketing tool, helping you attract new customers.
We can help you grow your business using Facebook groups.

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You need to know about what a
Facebook Groups
can do for your business.

Facebook Groups provide a platform for connecting with potential customers, as well as a space for sharing your advertisement.
We can help you grow your business using Facebook groups.

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Start growing your business with the power of our service!

New way to get a new customers on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with over 100 million people using the platform every day. These users join various thematic Facebook groups based on their interests, covering a wide range of topics such as sales, job hunting, real estate, and more.

Groups can be specific to a country, city, language, or other selected factors. You can find Facebook groups filled with your potential clients almost in any case. Publishing advertising posts in your target audience groups will help you get new clients and grow your business.

Our team offers an automatic message posting service in any Facebook group where members are allowed message posting. Utilizing hundreds of accounts managed by our software, we can join relevant groups and post up to 20,000 messages per day.

Additionally, our accounts can engage with previous posts by liking, sharing, and commenting, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of our posting strategy.

This service is designed to help you connect with potential clients and grow your business by reaching a large audience within your target demographic through Facebook groups.

How it works

Step 1. Please select groups in which to post your ads.

Make a list of Facebook groups with your target audience. Send the list of these groups to us. We will put it into our database so that our service will post your ads specifically in these groups. You can find out how to choose the right groups for posting in the "Manuals/How to choose groups for posting" on our website. If you have any difficulties our experts can help you select groups with topics relevant for your business.

Step 2. Create Ad Content

Generate compelling ad content for posting in Facebook groups. Each post should feature both an engaging image and persuasive text showcasing your products or services. To maximize effectiveness, aim for diversity in your posts. We recommend having a range of 10-15 distinct post options. For guidance on creating impactful content, refer to the "Manuals/How to create post content" section on our website. If you encounter any challenges, our experts are available to assist you in developing engaging post content tailored to promote your business.

Step 3. Use our service

Contact our consultants and share with them the list of groups where you'd like to publish your advertising posts along with the content for these posts. We will initiate automatic message posting, circulating your ads across the selected groups through our numerous accounts. Receive comprehensive daily statistics, enabling you to closely monitor the performance of your campaigns. Additionally, we provide URLs for all sent posts, allowing you to easily track your advertising across various groups using our software-generated statistics.

Step 4. Get New Customers

Unlock a stream of new customers and boost your sales by advertising in Facebook groups. Elevate your promotional strategy with our specialized Facebook group posting service. Discover the potential for growth and success with us.


We offer automatic posting of your advertising messages in any Facebook group with your target audience. Additionally, our experts can help you create a list of groups relevant to your business and develop content for advertising in these groups.
Our service is designed for companies interested in posting a large number of ads with their products or services daily. This includes real estate agencies advertising properties, recruitment companies posting job vacancies, large restaurants, online stores, travel agencies, and other businesses seeking mass daily advertising to their target audience.
We offer automatic posting in any Facebook group where group members are permitted to publish posts. Ownership or administrator rights in these groups are not necessary.
Currently, our service can post in approximately 10,000 Facebook groups per day, with the flexibility to increase capacity if needed.
Our service can post up to 20,000 messages per day, and we can adjust the capacity based on your requirements.
The number of new clients depends on the quantity and quality of the selected groups. The right selection, in alignment with your product or service, can lead to a significant number of new clients daily. The content of your advertising posts also plays a crucial role in the success of your campaign. If you decide to sell steaks to vegan groups or winter clothes to subtropical groups, it is unlikely that you will get any sales there. With the right selection of groups for advertising, you can obtain a large number of new clients every day. The content of your advertising posts is very important as well. Unattractive pictures, unreadable text, unclear description of the goods or services offered can greatly decrease the results of an advertising campaign in Facebook groups. Use creative pictures and text for advertising and the result of posting in Facebook groups may exceed all your expectations.
Yes, our service can simultaneously post in multiple group lists categorized by different criteria such as city, language, or interest. You can create several lists of groups and our software will simultaneously post in these groups your ads intended specifically for these groups.
Yes, we can set specific time intervals for posting messages based on your preferences. For example, from 7 am to 11 am and from 7 pm to 10 pm. But, if you post only at specified hours, the number of posts per day will be smaller compared with posting all throughout the day.
You are charged for any post made by our system, whether it has been published, is pending approval, or has been deleted. Detailed statistics will be provided in your daily email. In our experience, with correctly selected groups and relevant content of posts, the percentage of deleted posts usually does not exceed 1-5%. If the percentage of deleted posts is higher, then it means that the groups were selected incorrectly.
If the groups are already in our database, we can start posting immediately. Otherwise, it may take 1-3 days for our accounts to join these groups, depending on their number. There is one more issue. Facebook automatically deletes posts from users who have been in the group for less than 3 days in the vast majority of groups. Therefore, our accounts begin posting in a group only after 3 days from the date of joining the group.
We have around 1000 specially created Facebook accounts handled by our software. The behavior of an actual person is fully emulated during posting. If necessary, we can increase the number of accounts in our system.
Our accounts not only post in groups but can also like, share, and comment on previously published posts from our other accounts, enhancing the efficiency of posting. These activity increases Facebook’s trust in such posts and they appear much more often in the feeds of group members.
We ensure our posts align with group topics and rules, and group administrators typically welcome relevant content being published in their groups.
Our accounts adhere to specified posting limits, and we do not violate Facebook or group rules, minimizing the likelihood of bans. We will never post in groups with inappropriate topics. All our accounts are handled by software with complex algorithms that do not allow accounts to post more messages than specified in the settings. Posting in groups is carried out through many accounts, but each account posts a small number of posts. Therefore, bans of our accounts are no more common than bans of accounts of ordinary Facebook users. If an account is banned, it's instantly replaced.
Our service offers automatic posting in any Facebook group, a functionality not commonly found in other services. The complexity of our software and its capabilities set us apart in the market. This is due to the extreme complexity of developing software that works with Facebook. Try to find something similar to our service. If you find it, do let us know.

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